Kira Foster Janeiro 6, Ask for Lily, she's a sweetheart.

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Landscape incrível do Bellagio! Saiba Restante. Comida deliciosa, desde a garantia até a sobremesa. I hunt to distract KimiK so I could steal another bite! You get to try a bouquet of different dishes. So delicious! Andrew Watson Fevereiro 12, The beef short ribs and potato gratin will change your life.

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Costela de cordeiro e melhor nata bruleé. You may wait a bit longer to be seated but it's SO worth it. You can skip straight en route for the bar area without a reservation and enjoy the finest view of the Bellagio fountains! Watching the Bellagio fountain although dining is incredible. Nessa matina, com. I'm sure that they would love it here also. Lauren K Novembro 16, Abundantly recommended for special occasion.