We will not be held accountable for unauthorised access to your account if you do not safeguard this information.

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We may also close your account in the following circumstances: These Terms and Conditions apply en route for all gaming with us by any device, including downloadable applications on a mobile device. We do not permit accounts en route for be opened by, or old from, Users based in certain jurisdictions including the U. Oferecem bónus de boas-vindas incríveis aos recém-chegados e bónus de obediência aos clientes de longa dia. If we identify any Abuser with more than one account, we will close any duplicate account s and return a few withdrawable funds. If we allow grounds to believe that one or more account s allow been opened with the intention to mislead or defraud Dumarca, we may cancel any approach transaction s related to such conduct and close any before all of the account s. It is your responsibility en route for make sure that all details of the gambling transaction are correct.

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